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How Can I Not Have Known You

how can I not have known you

how can I have not seen you

did you hide from my prying eyes every day

were you smiling as I walked by oblivious to your beauty

am I intertwined with you for some reason that I cannot know

do I feel the same pain that I did before I knew I could not have you

how can something that fits so right not be made for me


did you see me watching you when you walked by

can you help me


that mountain stands before me and I do not have the energy to climb it

will you please notice my pleas

you intimidate me with your infinite knowledge of all things incredible

I watch in awe

I watch in disgust

I miss the times that I could have known you and didn’t

I tire of my thoughts and yearn for yours

can you even hear me?


like clockwork you pass

it’s time for me to leave

If Only You Could Know

I see you in your sea of despond

For some reason, I am unable to respond

I want to swim out to offer you hope

But I am bound by this rugged rope

I lay here pinned to the safe shore

As I watch you struggle even more

I want to reach out with my hand

Seize you and bring you back to land

Dry all the tears from your eyes

Kiss you and make you realize

That I want to be close to you

I want you to trust that I am true

From my feet I’ve been swept

My promises will never go unkept

But you don’t know these thoughts I keep

Because you’re drowning, the water’s too deep

Now here I am, restrained and helpless

And there you are, thinking I’m careless.


Why do I have to know you?

I look in the mirror and see

Not merely my own reflection

But your face staring back at me.


Why do I have to care for you?

Countless times my heart has been broken

Your knifeblades of words cut me nearly as deep

As the thoughts that you leave unspoken.


Why do I have to believe you?

Why must my life consist

Of the promises broken and lies that you’ve told,

The scars that forever exist.


Why do I have to love you?

My feelings are coming undone.

Why, tell me why, must you be my father,

And why must I be your son?