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The faint blue smog of a conglomerate sky


Another Victory is won for the Big Boss.

Clone voices of all shapes and

sizes rally hard for

the Senseless Slaughter.

Born of false pretense and

the great American Dream.

When Will They Realize?

When will they realize things aren’t the same?

We try to deal with it in our own ways,

Only confining in those who realize.


Sometimes we aren’t that lucky.

Only finding comfort in ourselves.

Thinking, overanalyzing, trying to understand.

Destroying all faith by losing our innocence so soon.


When will they realize we’re wise beyond our years?

Sometimes I think wiser than them.


Scared, frightened, yet grasping all concepts.

Closing ourselves off by thinking of consequences.

Intimidated by happiness and those who find

it, But silently begging for their secrets.


When will they realize they aren’t helping?

Just making us dream of what could be.

Increasing the pain, making it harder to heal,

And if it does, leaving permanent scars.


When will they realize?