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If Only You Could Know

I see you in your sea of despond

For some reason, I am unable to respond

I want to swim out to offer you hope

But I am bound by this rugged rope

I lay here pinned to the safe shore

As I watch you struggle even more

I want to reach out with my hand

Seize you and bring you back to land

Dry all the tears from your eyes

Kiss you and make you realize

That I want to be close to you

I want you to trust that I am true

From my feet I’ve been swept

My promises will never go unkept

But you don’t know these thoughts I keep

Because you’re drowning, the water’s too deep

Now here I am, restrained and helpless

And there you are, thinking I’m careless.


I hold you and caress you

for the glittering serpent you are.

I kiss you as you bite me,

spreading your sweet poison.

I love you as you choke me

and destroy all I am.

And as your sharp fangs sink deeper into my soul,

I cling to you tighter for you have become dearer than

life itself.

Your sparkling eyes entrance me with promises

of companionship

Yet all you offer is a draught of loneliness.

Still, I cannot break away from you.

I drain my cup of isolation and beg for me.

And you offer me more as you wrap yourself tighter;

I become numb to your poison as I drink my misery.

And I cling to you, my devilish friend,

For you are all I have left.