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If truth is what you truly seek,

Truth is what you’ll find.

Along the way you will grow weak,

In body and in mind.


You think that truth is all you need

To find the hope you dream of,

But hope is just a tiny seed

From that which you have need of.


Truth I’ve found, in hope I grow,

And I wish to let you know:

What you seek will set you free—

Break through deceitful reverie.


Is there anything as eternity?

When time promises it will never die.

But time with no end

Is time with no beginning…

Has time been living for eternity too?


I am told

That before the birth of the universe

There was no space.

But was there time?

And what did the clock measure,

When there was nothing?


I am told

That there is something like infinity,

The truth of which I can well believe.

But has the pendulum been

Swinging before creation?

Was there ever

Anything as eternity?


Would it be wrong

to run

among these marching masses

to sing and laugh

at nervous floundering hands

on sweat-stained plastic leather

to sigh and say

I don’t have to keep a grimace?


Would it be wrong

to cry

and grow to great dimensions

small enough to creep beneath a door

instead of knocking?


Would it be wrong

to grasp hold of the telephone

and scream

in answer to its scream

and force a question

no one wants to hear?


Would it be wrong

to shake Pandora’s hand

and fly

only to return with tales

astounding with originality?