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What if Alone

What if alone I cannot walk the roads?

What if alone I always lose my way?

What if alone I have no strength, no will?

What if alone I turn my world to grey?


What if alone I don’t know why I’m living?

What if alone I don’t know how to start?

What if alone I lose the strength of giving?

What if alone I even lose my heart?


What if alone I don’t know what is caring?

What if alone my smile is just a mask?

Why do I carry burdens not for bearing?

What if alone I don’t know how to ask?


What if alone I wait while Time is passing?

What if I even can’t give you a hand?

What if I only need your smile and blessing?

What do I do to make you understand?

Symphonic Silence

Listen! Do you hear it?

Symphonic silence when the world has quit.

No clanging cymbals of lying words,

Crescendos and diminuendos that rate the absurd.

No trumpeting threats of surrounding men

Or choral shouts of false “Amens.”

No staccato images of other lives

Or beating drums of another’s drive.

No confusing documents with strings attached

Or messy notes to be dispatched.

No blaring horns of other guys,

Just gentle winds that reach the sky.


Listen carefully and soon to commence

Is this wonderful orchestra of symphonic silence.

Game of Life

Sunlit beams of greater joys,

Moon-blessed rays of subtle ploys,

Wind-bound thoughts of happier days,

That’s the game of life we play.


Star crossed love forever lost,

Simple song’s eternal cost,

High-grown fields of golden hay,

That’s the game of life we play.


Crash of thunder overhead,

Blinding lightning of words we’ve said,

Gentle shower along the way,

That’s the game of life we play.


Storm-tossed hearts lying low.

Invincible enemy, untried foe.

Come what will, come what may,

The game of life’s the game we play.