Back for One More Taste

Back for one more taste

of her sweetness.

Lying in the bath tub again.

Honey, can I get you some more wine

a little something to go with your love

or are you saving that for later

dessert just for me

between your waiting thighs?


“Again” and she comes back

Shows me all the things she’s been saving for “the one”

The one she wants to live forever next to


Does that mean I’m the one?


And she comes to me again

through the walls

this time it’s through the blood

Through the love we share and then she’s gone

gone and it was just another dream

another shitty fantasy the toaster wakes me up for

so I can roast marshmallows on my hunger

Shallow pools of saliva left in the sink

from her midnight snack

Happened to be feasting on me

It’s two o’clock in the morning

just dying to have you back baby


Break my windows

Do what you have to do

So afraid of losing you

What happens after love?

Do we just move on

pretending we never loved anyone?

What’s it to you, beautiful

Who needs your ways,

who needs your promises

All right I know

I do


And she comes on hard to me

Rips my clothes,

shreds my innocence

Wondering what it is she wants

and prepared to give it all to her

Just love me?

It’s all I ask

But that’s too simple for her

Her love is all sticks and stones,

she’s already broken every bone,

and she’s trying to scare me away

Touching me in all the right places

But baby I want you more every time our skin meets

You’re somewhere between heaven and earth

and I don’t ever want to leave

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