Tears flood out of my eyes

I go red and angry

I shout, I scream

But no one hears me

I know it’s useless

but I scream again

I feel faint

The tears I shed

Like scattering the evil

I feel cold and empty

I feel alone

I am alone


My tears are never-ending

My tears fall like blood

As I think of it all

I cut deeper and deeper

More tears are shed

I wait for someone

To comfort

But no one comes

My tears seem to take the pain away

But my thoughts merely

replace the pain


The pain I feel

is stronger than iron

Stronger than bone

The pain just crushes me

I sit in the corner

crushed by the intense pain

I can only imagine happiness,

Thought with each tear

the memories slip away

further and further

My tears begin to dry

My wound is but left.

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