Love Not Divulged

I am so glad I never loved you,

You had me fooled for awhile.

You owned my thoughts and dictated my feelings;

But you never possessed the power of my love.


Don’t you realize what this means?

I haven’t loved! It’s still a hidden treasure!

I haven’t lost my innocence, so the search continues

To harness the power of my love.


I am so relieved I never loved you.

If that was love, what a disappointment.

How immensely overrated!

I remain thirsty for my mug of true love.


Love doesn’t doubt; I always doubted you.

Love trusts; I never trusted you.

Love is not a marsh of insecurity and despair.

Love is a gleaming lake of respect and honor.


I haven’t found that lake quite yet,

But I persist against the current.

The journey may be grueling and tiresome,

But someday I’ll rest in the middle of the lake.