Afraid of the light

I hide in my red



From the other side

it looks like black and white

but from my angle:



It haunts like some stalking shadow,

a vague whisper of night.

A relentless night,

an endless night.


Someday you will find me

crushed beneath the weight

of my sins,

stiff and cold. What a sight.


I long for warmth,

but the bright glare



into startling gray dots

that swim past my reality.



pour of blue substanceless


Empty words


as meaningless as any truth

scream aimlessly

into pretense.


Mythic hopes

vanish delicately

into the blackness.


Please ignore me,

and shut that door behind you.

I shun the day,


and the phosphorescent glow

that accompanies it.

It hurts


stabbing like a murderous acupuncturess

with dark advice on the sensitivity

of nerves.


The salve of darkness cloaks

while I rest from the numbing