Ponder Our Path

I can see your face

caught between

youth and maturity.

You wear a half-smile,

blue eyes that sparkle,

clear skin, and wit.

Your cheekbones are sculpted

and your thoughts

are three-quarters full

with yourself and who you are

destined to be



and you tell me

that it’s me whom you love

and I look down


and ask shyly, me?


melting into your eyes

I wonder aloud

how could I ever be so lucky

You gleefully pull

me into your arms

and say that I am

so lovely and sweet.

In our youth

we know the truth

that together

we will always be happy

but you



we’ve come

to that place where age

is our destiny

and eventually

we’ll be just like my parents

too busy to love

too tired to remember why

they’re together

and too stuck

to change their ways

You say

that could never happen

to us

that our love will last

and I laugh and agree

but secretly I can feel

the wheels turning

and another day goes by

and we continue to kiss

neverendingly working

toward our preplanned destiny

maybe if we go into showbiz

or the music industry

and stay true to our inner child

we’ll never outlive life

more likely we’ll become jaded

with one of the wonders

of the world

and forget how

to smile at each other


we’re no longer together

But for now I can

see you and at this moment

you’re more perfect

and you hold me close to your heart

while we wish on the stars

that still amaze our eyes

and we don’t have to try too hard

to be happy

we just are

we just are