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Silvery Silent

Out here in the moonlight

Half light, night light

When the pity and despair in your eyes

Says a thousand more words

Than could ever be uttered from your lips


You’re mercury

Fluid and liquid, but steady


While inside you’re violet

Transcendent and flickering

With droplets of every rainbow colour


In the furthest,

Beneath your silver shell,

There is no jeering laughter

If you’re not what they expect you

To be;

But this you cannot show them

For fear that they will smother it

Or snuff it out

With their foolish consistency

Present Drag

The past is ever present now

I try to escape, but it drags me down

like a dog, it’s a fog over my brain

pain covering my face

a haze

I wish it would fade

but it clings tightly to me


It’s always there on my back

Just drag drag-drag-dragging

at my intentions

and holding my future out of reach

where I cannot touch

no matter how much

I crave to be set free

I’m caged by my own history


It’s a ghost

I know all too well

My own personal host from hell

that stems from within

Bleeds me dry

and then calls me friend

a tour guide of misery

that’s tearing twine

tearing up my eyes


It doesn’t matter if I cry

It’s never going to get better

it’s all a lie

maybe if I just give into this melancholy

It would leave me be-be-be


Instead it’s always in my head

pounding down my thoughts

a demented demon

ordering up a high cost

over-paid and loves his job

He keeps me lost in this pathetic maze

he made to keep me weeping behind this iron hurt

Burning up my hope, my life

with his worthless ways


Cigarettes he smokes

He’s a cancer in my core

I gave him my soul, and still he wanted more

I don’t know

Pasado, Paradise, Passion


My garden whispering passion down the track in the comfort of





The heart is dreaming of paradise deliciously intense cookie

crumbs of

peanut butter.



A bad habit, like an endless burning passion,


Echoes of Forgotten Song

Bitter silent release washes over the land

bitter silent release grabs you by your hand


Alone by yourself, not alone with yourself

listen to your thoughts and converse with yourself


And speak the distant ocean, and think the river long

Question the ancient forests and listen to their song


You are one with the natural beauty, distant from us all

Play with fairie spirits, when they respond to your call


No human interruption to distract your earthen mother

no human misconceptions to make you stray to any other


Silver trees and pale seas, no questions and no lies

silver trees and pale seas are but a reflection of your eyes


Kindred spirit and mountain king, travel far to hear you sing

Song and tale of mystic knight, using stars as guides through the night


Speak the distant ocean, think the river long

Question the ancient forests, then write your own song


My nature is not appeased


I cannot be subdued

and will not allow you to forget me,

while you can deny your eyes

and close yourself from the world.


Your Will may be indomitable,

Even though the greatest mountains crumble.

The rains may be always storming,

I will not let that blank out the sun.

The jungles may be ferocious,

Even though the lion is still just a…



after all.


Those who fear their dreams in the dead of night,

know they are much more alive than a dream of the day.


Our vision in sight is only

that which passes through the pupil.

I will trade you my sight,

for a thimble of truth.