Present Drag

The past is ever present now

I try to escape, but it drags me down

like a dog, it’s a fog over my brain

pain covering my face

a haze

I wish it would fade

but it clings tightly to me


It’s always there on my back

Just drag drag-drag-dragging

at my intentions

and holding my future out of reach

where I cannot touch

no matter how much

I crave to be set free

I’m caged by my own history


It’s a ghost

I know all too well

My own personal host from hell

that stems from within

Bleeds me dry

and then calls me friend

a tour guide of misery

that’s tearing twine

tearing up my eyes


It doesn’t matter if I cry

It’s never going to get better

it’s all a lie

maybe if I just give into this melancholy

It would leave me be-be-be


Instead it’s always in my head

pounding down my thoughts

a demented demon

ordering up a high cost

over-paid and loves his job

He keeps me lost in this pathetic maze

he made to keep me weeping behind this iron hurt

Burning up my hope, my life

with his worthless ways


Cigarettes he smokes

He’s a cancer in my core

I gave him my soul, and still he wanted more

I don’t know

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