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One or the Other…

Perhaps we’re just two more teenagers

who think we’re better

and have something to offer each other

I’ve always been a good liar

at least to others

so perhaps nothing you do hurts me

I just make it

or maybe we’re both lost in a moment

a fresh experience

that makes us blind

we’ve possibly spent months trying hard

to keep ourselves, or each other, or both

fooled, kept from loneliness

I’ll see you sometime

and these thoughts I’ve never thought before

may make more sense then

I either love you or hate you.

Love Not Divulged

I am so glad I never loved you,

You had me fooled for awhile.

You owned my thoughts and dictated my feelings;

But you never possessed the power of my love.


Don’t you realize what this means?

I haven’t loved! It’s still a hidden treasure!

I haven’t lost my innocence, so the search continues

To harness the power of my love.


I am so relieved I never loved you.

If that was love, what a disappointment.

How immensely overrated!

I remain thirsty for my mug of true love.


Love doesn’t doubt; I always doubted you.

Love trusts; I never trusted you.

Love is not a marsh of insecurity and despair.

Love is a gleaming lake of respect and honor.


I haven’t found that lake quite yet,

But I persist against the current.

The journey may be grueling and tiresome,

But someday I’ll rest in the middle of the lake.