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Dreaming Dusk

All the light of heaven’s gloaming

Seeks the valley I am roaming,

Flashing, cutting, pierce the darkness,

Fill it with the twilight starkness.

Flying! Trying!

Flying is the daylight leaving,

Trying is the night of grieving.


Twilight speaks the tongue of knowing,

Freeing day and midnight blowing

Of constraints that bind the living

In the blackness unforgiving.

Whiteness! Brightness!

Whiteness blinds the eyes enlightened,

Brightness keeps the darkness frightened.


Oh, that time between the weary

Toils of the daytime dreary,

And the chilling nights of sorrow,

Breaking for the pains tomorrow.

Dreaming! Seeming!

Dreaming dusk, I start to ponder,

Seeming that my thoughts a-wander.


Seeks the valley I am roaming,

Flashing, cutting, pierce the darkness,

Fill it with the twilight starkness.



of nature

and its tendency for life.


I will ride to the sun

on the chariots of gold,

and listen the mountains play

what stars have long foretold.


The lake does live and breathe,

the wind does speak to me,

the trees are still immortal,

and the rivers know the sea.



of nature

and its tendency for death.


Does not the earth still quake

at every command of God?

Does not the wind lash out

and beat us with its rod?


And hail of heaven and of stone

that is the poor man’s plight,

and storms that send the land abroad

into the simpleton’s sight.



of nature

and its tendency to be.

I Almost Married Opportunity

Opportunity, so beautiful,

Appeared to me one day.

I viewed and contemplated her

But turned the other way.


So Opportunity left me,

Searched across the land.

And in a nicer place

She found a better man.


Now joy is he and great success,

With Opportunity by his side.

While sitting, I, in cardboard house,

Have nothing left to try.


If Opportunity returned to me,

I’m sure of what I’d do.

I’d likely turn my back again,

And off she’d run with you.


If truth is what you truly seek,

Truth is what you’ll find.

Along the way you will grow weak,

In body and in mind.


You think that truth is all you need

To find the hope you dream of,

But hope is just a tiny seed

From that which you have need of.


Truth I’ve found, in hope I grow,

And I wish to let you know:

What you seek will set you free—

Break through deceitful reverie.

Great Things Greater

How I do love you in the morning, friend!

To think that as my tender night dreams break,

Gold-flecked daydreams follow in their wake

Guided and strengthened by the Great Master’s hand,

Love’s sweet waves upon weathered sand


Foam-flecked tongues flicking and licking, consuming all

Under the Great Artist’s direction, reshaping and leaving,

Love’s paradox, rapturous and grieving,

Tearing down self, building selflessness tall

Making the great things greater and the little things small


How I ache for these waves, my heart crying out for

Less of the lonely days, when time seems to spend

Forever till morning, till morning my friend,

When I’ll be wanting you less and loving you more

And so, Love, sweep on… and consume this dry shore


We came, we came,

I don’t know why,

It wasn’t just to watch the sky,

The spinning step and hidden path,

I thought with such a tired heart,

Every breath would be my last,

Compared to you I have no past.

The moon, the stars,

We claimed them ours.

Echoes of Forgotten Song

Bitter silent release washes over the land

bitter silent release grabs you by your hand


Alone by yourself, not alone with yourself

listen to your thoughts and converse with yourself


And speak the distant ocean, and think the river long

Question the ancient forests and listen to their song


You are one with the natural beauty, distant from us all

Play with fairie spirits, when they respond to your call


No human interruption to distract your earthen mother

no human misconceptions to make you stray to any other


Silver trees and pale seas, no questions and no lies

silver trees and pale seas are but a reflection of your eyes


Kindred spirit and mountain king, travel far to hear you sing

Song and tale of mystic knight, using stars as guides through the night


Speak the distant ocean, think the river long

Question the ancient forests, then write your own song


Every single one of us

Has an island of our own.

Trapped and racked by storms,

Each one stands alone.


We sometimes hear soft whispers

Guided to us on the breeze,

Across the empty spaces,

And across the deep blue seas.


And so we tell ourselves

That we are not alone,

That there are others out there

On islands of their own.


So our eyes scan the horizon

For any sign of life at all,

But the sea remains a barrier,

A never-bending wall.


We may brush with others,

As long or briefly as may be.

But all of us, in truth, we are

Divided by a raging sea.


There is no boat, no raft, no ship,

Strong enough to pass by here.

The winds are too strong and too rough,

And so we remain trapped by fear.


We have not the courage

To leave all that we know.

There are no sails to draw us on,

And it’s much too far to row.


And so every single one of us

Remains on a island of our own.

Trapped by fear of what is different,

And ultimately alone.

Her Eyes

At the beauty of creation

You will wonder, lost in her eyes.

But her eyes will see only lust.

Tears see only impossible lies.


Almost kneeling to symbol of beauty…

Call of honor, you turn and leave.

And she will never forget you.

And she will never forgive.


All the crazed winds of Chaos

Can undo things that Destiny set.

For eternity souls will be waiting.

Love is not something souls forget.


Look at me happy and held dear

Look again enraged by hate, denied by him,

I pose to hide my fear, to keep me cool and calm a tear,

But what comes from all my work, a simple falsehood

But then, nothing good.


Look at her, smiling and fresh,

Look again at her ripped flesh.

She poses only to ease your head, from what you know, and what you dread.

But what comes from all her work, a simple falsehood,

But then, nothing good.


Look at him, content in work, lost in thought, ready to start.

Look again at his mangled mind, his flaming eyes, his hardened heart.

He poses not to simplify life, but to keep his family from his strife.

But what comes from all his work, a simple falsehood,

But then, nothing good.


Look at us, all users of masks, we love the hate,

Look again we’re makers of evil, and dead as fate,

We pose to stop the pain inside but what comes of it…

Nothing good.