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bleed from the hole in the


a mortal wound,

as the bullet lies satisfied,

being shot from your mouth,

my faith dies.


Rolling over,

eyelids flutter and open

to drink in the world

at that peculiar time in the morning

when everything is blue.

A peaceful shade

that coats the walls

and fills my mind

with whispers;

soft, but distinct.


he said

“Well, you never know, it might have been someone else’s whole world.”


when I said

“I don’t think it was anything important.”


I saw the world

in a reflection

in her tear

The Human Condition

A small



lights a glass cube

in which stands

a little man

casting his own



Young Man Ponders

A young man ponders a reflection of imperfections. Suddenly enlightened, he appears to himself as extraordinary, not dampered by the burden of imperfections. He proclaims the freedom of not being perfect. A revelation that reveals that the machine known as man and the rat race known as society is encumbered upon by imperfections. They rule all.


The flames do their elaborate dances to silent music only they can hear. The sparks fly into the midsummer sky for their short minute of glory, then plummet back to the earth and disappear. The wood performs an art show with its orange burning embers.

And meanwhile we humans take all this for granted and call it just a bonfire.

Of Light and Dark

There is reasoning

And then there is release.


I’m tired of the war raging here.

I’m tired of keeping up the fight.

The burden I shoulder

is not so heavy.

So I’ve stopped resisting its tug.


Yes, I walk in the light.

But I carry the darkness with me.


The sun set itself amongst the tall buildings, flinging its dying breath of light across the city. Dark reds and oranges danced between the buildings, chasing each other down narrow streets. Clouds glowed a vibrant red and brown for only a few minutes, before the sun disappeared, and the remaining light flowed away, like rain water down a street drain. Then the moon edged its way across the sky, bringing with it the darkness of the night.

“Are you OK?”


“I asked if you were OK?”

“Yes I’m fine. I was just… watching the sunset.”

“Oh right.” She began to walk away.

“It was beautiful wasn’t it?”

“I didn’t notice it, sorry.” She walked further away.

“Maybe you should.” I said.

“Pardon?” She stopped walking.

“Maybe you should stop, and take more notice.”

“OK, thanks.” She carried on walking, and was quite far away by now.

“It’s important,” I shouted as she turned the corner. She was a long way away. And I don’t think she heard me.