Works of verse

Her Eyes

At the beauty of creation

You will wonder, lost in her eyes.

But her eyes will see only lust.

Tears see only impossible lies.


Almost kneeling to symbol of beauty…

Call of honor, you turn and leave.

And she will never forget you.

And she will never forgive.


All the crazed winds of Chaos

Can undo things that Destiny set.

For eternity souls will be waiting.

Love is not something souls forget.

Why Am I Here?

“I’ve got something I have to tell you.”

I move my chair closer to him,

Then decide against it.

I move my chair slightly away.

“I really need to talk to you—”

He checks his watch.


I search for an understanding look

In his eyes.

There’s none.

“This is really difficult for me”

He sighs a long, drawn-out sigh.

“Try and understand”

He’s getting impatient.

I knew he wouldn’t be interested.

“If you’ll just listen to me—”

“Why am I here?” he asks.

Why did I even try? I think.

Rescue of Me

hands move over me

spreading clean

my saffron sunshine

through a tired afternoon


eyes advance into me

blinking pure emerald

green grass, our children’s dance

of a tomorrow spring more


you squeeze inside

the space I closed to all

pumping my heart

across the sky, into forever


through obscurity, I speed

to your redemptory glow

with a touch, you blind my demons

and grant me rest.

What If They Had a War and Nobody Came?

Someone somewhere somehow insults another.


and they are dug in bristling,

gaping barrels pointed at you

and your children.


Trust in logic,

do as they say,

respect authority.


Empty beer bottles linger

outside the administration building,

and they say:

on your honor

(don’t you want honor?)

let me brainwash you,

go and tell your children

war is necessary.


And they say:

observe the beauty of these black beasts

we made,

you helped make those raining ashes.


We have power,

let me give you power.

You can kill them all,

their pets and houseplants too.

Let us stand here on the field,

among the grasses that bend

in reverence to us.


And they say:

do you want honor?

Gnash your teeth and go

participate in the dance with death

perfectly justified.


And at last they are done with their talking,

they wait hungrily,

the empty windless field,

all quiet

in reverence to a greater power.


What if they had a war

and nobody came?

Sad Eyes Look Ahead

These sad eyes, they look ahead

Into the dark nothingness, they stare

Without happiness or joy, they are emotionless.

Yet the smile shines brightly.

An illusion created to satisfy the questioning looks of others.

But not good enough to satisfy oneself.

The mind tries to hide what the heart feels.

The body laughs while the soul cries out.

Softly do the invisible tears fall.

Flowing deftly into the river of time.

So soon are they forgotten…

Speckles of dust lost in a great desert.

So am I lost—confused in each and every direction I turn.

No one can see my sadness… my grief—

No, no one truly can in my good conscience.


Look at me happy and held dear

Look again enraged by hate, denied by him,

I pose to hide my fear, to keep me cool and calm a tear,

But what comes from all my work, a simple falsehood

But then, nothing good.


Look at her, smiling and fresh,

Look again at her ripped flesh.

She poses only to ease your head, from what you know, and what you dread.

But what comes from all her work, a simple falsehood,

But then, nothing good.


Look at him, content in work, lost in thought, ready to start.

Look again at his mangled mind, his flaming eyes, his hardened heart.

He poses not to simplify life, but to keep his family from his strife.

But what comes from all his work, a simple falsehood,

But then, nothing good.


Look at us, all users of masks, we love the hate,

Look again we’re makers of evil, and dead as fate,

We pose to stop the pain inside but what comes of it…

Nothing good.

What if Alone

What if alone I cannot walk the roads?

What if alone I always lose my way?

What if alone I have no strength, no will?

What if alone I turn my world to grey?


What if alone I don’t know why I’m living?

What if alone I don’t know how to start?

What if alone I lose the strength of giving?

What if alone I even lose my heart?


What if alone I don’t know what is caring?

What if alone my smile is just a mask?

Why do I carry burdens not for bearing?

What if alone I don’t know how to ask?


What if alone I wait while Time is passing?

What if I even can’t give you a hand?

What if I only need your smile and blessing?

What do I do to make you understand?

Behind the Stars

He lies,


ever listening


then forgiving

but he lies,

Always behind the stars

dark drapes of


of dishonesty

He lies

careful, and negative

sweet sickly smiles

me believing

always behind the stars

sneaky and deceiving

He lies

Forever behind the stars.


as I looked out the window

and gazed toward the sea

I saw so many people

all looking back at me

they are hungry

very cold

they are children

now grown old

their faces long

for deep within

there is no soul

inside their skin


I turned them away

they aren’t mine to keep

I couldn’t give them shelter

nor a place to sleep

I’m just a humble person

not a savior

not a prophet

these are things I cannot be

as I looked back out the window

and gazed toward the sea

I saw gently rolling waves

and no one else but me

When Will They Realize?

When will they realize things aren’t the same?

We try to deal with it in our own ways,

Only confining in those who realize.


Sometimes we aren’t that lucky.

Only finding comfort in ourselves.

Thinking, overanalyzing, trying to understand.

Destroying all faith by losing our innocence so soon.


When will they realize we’re wise beyond our years?

Sometimes I think wiser than them.


Scared, frightened, yet grasping all concepts.

Closing ourselves off by thinking of consequences.

Intimidated by happiness and those who find

it, But silently begging for their secrets.


When will they realize they aren’t helping?

Just making us dream of what could be.

Increasing the pain, making it harder to heal,

And if it does, leaving permanent scars.


When will they realize?