Works of verse

Her Whisper in the Twilight of Armageddon

Thy eyes molest what they can

Thy heart is a harlot with blood on her lips

Midnight chimes, the Devil’s crimes

I grasp her by her hips

Intertwining love patterns in a cemetery at night

Thy love came with pleasure at first bite

Her pulchritude dispelled with flames on her sex

The world ends, the scars mend

Her body burns as she releases her hex

The angels fall one by one o’er the tombs of the damned


She says “I need thy angel to mourn”

“I need a world to be dead in”

And as we vow our love, “God scorns”

I hear her whisper in the twilight of Armageddon

“I need thy blood, and I need thy bruises”

She tosses and turns

In her velvet bedding

“By the morrow I shall be gone”

I heard her whisper in the twilight of Armageddon


Her memories burn flesh off me

Her body laid to rest fortnights ago

The burial gown, six feet beneath the ground

Decaying with my love bled red in the snow

Eternity can’t heal wounds like mine, yet I still have

Eternity to suffer

Ten years, she’s been gone; She’s been gone so long

And not one ounce of love has died

An ember of sex; an ember of pride

I recall every word she ever said, and

I recall her whisper in the twilight of Armageddon.

Love Not Divulged

I am so glad I never loved you,

You had me fooled for awhile.

You owned my thoughts and dictated my feelings;

But you never possessed the power of my love.


Don’t you realize what this means?

I haven’t loved! It’s still a hidden treasure!

I haven’t lost my innocence, so the search continues

To harness the power of my love.


I am so relieved I never loved you.

If that was love, what a disappointment.

How immensely overrated!

I remain thirsty for my mug of true love.


Love doesn’t doubt; I always doubted you.

Love trusts; I never trusted you.

Love is not a marsh of insecurity and despair.

Love is a gleaming lake of respect and honor.


I haven’t found that lake quite yet,

But I persist against the current.

The journey may be grueling and tiresome,

But someday I’ll rest in the middle of the lake.

Joy From Her Voice

Joy from her voice,

joy from her face;

my heart sings when she is near me.

Warmth from her smile,

warmth from her touch;

so filled am I with love for my beloved.

All of you there,

I see your looks;

I know what you are thinking.

With my love

I break some rule,

some accepted understanding.

Your glances

and your knowing looks;

with them you condemn me.

You would like

nothing more

then to utterly destroy me.

I ask you,

I beg of you,

please try to understand this;

is it my fault

that my dearest of loves

was born in the same form as me?

A Poem

Your pen suddenly

Reaches down, blemishes

the undefiled white page.

Blue lines stare

mockingly at you

‘Well what will it be?’

they ask of you

Impatiently waiting to

Be filled with blue ink

scratched into words, clauses,

Sentences that express

Those deep hurts

quiet moments

soft gentle voices in your

Heart. beats with anticipation

how can you express

all these mysteries?

How can words touch,

break, destroy, create

feelings undiscovered


The beauty of these words

uplifts me.

The poem is complete.