Works of verse

Why Distractions Exist…

Once the sex stops

and the last bus has gone

you start to wonder again

and all you know

is that you don’t know

a damn thing

the cigarettes are gone

and there aren’t any distractions

to take your mind off the hurt

I hurt

but no matter how much I bleed

I still am myself

so what can I do?

I don’t want what I have

and have no means to get what I want

I’m lost at home

and full of emptiness

I can’t comprehend

a person called me.

If Only You Could Know

I see you in your sea of despond

For some reason, I am unable to respond

I want to swim out to offer you hope

But I am bound by this rugged rope

I lay here pinned to the safe shore

As I watch you struggle even more

I want to reach out with my hand

Seize you and bring you back to land

Dry all the tears from your eyes

Kiss you and make you realize

That I want to be close to you

I want you to trust that I am true

From my feet I’ve been swept

My promises will never go unkept

But you don’t know these thoughts I keep

Because you’re drowning, the water’s too deep

Now here I am, restrained and helpless

And there you are, thinking I’m careless.

Dream #45

“That is a dangerous dream,”

the giant praying mantis told me

“It is a vile, vile thing for us to have

to walk this bloodstained earth—”

“—But we are doomed to it,” I finished

“It was bloodstained before us, and so it

will be so.”

“Yes, all of the blood has mingled together,

so we cannot tell which is which,”

said the praying mantis

“My love said to me that if the house

was full of water, would I swim deep

to rescue him.”

“Of course you told him yes,” said the

praying mantis

She paused

“But it is dangerous to dream like that”

“Who said it was a dream?”

Game of Life

Sunlit beams of greater joys,

Moon-blessed rays of subtle ploys,

Wind-bound thoughts of happier days,

That’s the game of life we play.


Star crossed love forever lost,

Simple song’s eternal cost,

High-grown fields of golden hay,

That’s the game of life we play.


Crash of thunder overhead,

Blinding lightning of words we’ve said,

Gentle shower along the way,

That’s the game of life we play.


Storm-tossed hearts lying low.

Invincible enemy, untried foe.

Come what will, come what may,

The game of life’s the game we play.


The lights are out

and the house is quiet as she slinks down the stairs.

You could never tell but by her haunted eyes what fear fills her mind;

and a way she has of looking over her shoulder,

cringing from shadows, touches, and people who aren’t there.

You could never tell from her stylish clothes or her prettily curled hair.

Her designer shoes wouldn’t give her away, or her outstanding grades.

Yet she walks like she’s expecting some sort of brutal blow.

Her eyes flick from yours, should you have the stomach to meet their fey sorrow.

The lights are out.

All her family sleeps as she creeps from her room.

The gentle night holds her close, keeps her face in shadow.

Delicate fingers shake as they reach to touch a rose,

running her finger across a silky petal, accidentally snagging on a thorn.

She whispers a quiet word to the patient, kindly night, an ancient question

as her finger bleeds. “Why?” and as always the night does not answer.

A petal falls, disturbed by her unsteady fingers, unable to cling to the stem any longer.

Silently another petal falls; a flower’s life is not so long as that of a woman.

Someone stirs and she flees to her room.

The night sighs, caresses her face as she slips into sleep.

You could never tell from her peaceful face that she is any different from you.


Why do I have to know you?

I look in the mirror and see

Not merely my own reflection

But your face staring back at me.


Why do I have to care for you?

Countless times my heart has been broken

Your knifeblades of words cut me nearly as deep

As the thoughts that you leave unspoken.


Why do I have to believe you?

Why must my life consist

Of the promises broken and lies that you’ve told,

The scars that forever exist.


Why do I have to love you?

My feelings are coming undone.

Why, tell me why, must you be my father,

And why must I be your son?


I hold you and caress you

for the glittering serpent you are.

I kiss you as you bite me,

spreading your sweet poison.

I love you as you choke me

and destroy all I am.

And as your sharp fangs sink deeper into my soul,

I cling to you tighter for you have become dearer than

life itself.

Your sparkling eyes entrance me with promises

of companionship

Yet all you offer is a draught of loneliness.

Still, I cannot break away from you.

I drain my cup of isolation and beg for me.

And you offer me more as you wrap yourself tighter;

I become numb to your poison as I drink my misery.

And I cling to you, my devilish friend,

For you are all I have left.

Mirror Dance

Be what they want to see,

mirror their desire.

Don’t try to be

what you hope and dream;

it can’t happen

in this mirror dance.

Be what they expect,

mirror their thought.

Don’t try to do

the things you dream to do;

it will never happen

in this mirror dance.


The steps have been written,

the music taught.

There isn’t room for anything

that might be yours alone.


Be what they want to see,

mirror their desire.

Don’t try to be what you hope and dream;

it can’t happen

in this mirror dance.


Learn the steps swiftly.

Pray you do not fall,

for the music plays on;

the deadly music

of life’s mirror dance.

One or the Other…

Perhaps we’re just two more teenagers

who think we’re better

and have something to offer each other

I’ve always been a good liar

at least to others

so perhaps nothing you do hurts me

I just make it

or maybe we’re both lost in a moment

a fresh experience

that makes us blind

we’ve possibly spent months trying hard

to keep ourselves, or each other, or both

fooled, kept from loneliness

I’ll see you sometime

and these thoughts I’ve never thought before

may make more sense then

I either love you or hate you.

For You to Eat

We are teenagers

and not strangers

to this world

that’s hurled

in our face

the human race

hurting us

and spurting us

onto this planet

you bet

we’re alive

and we’ll thrive

when you die

it’s no lie

we’re the next generation

and contamination

is not in us

it’s lush

the way we go

so we’re in the know

about it

come hear us shout it

we’ll get it done

the job is fun

to us

we won’t fuss

as long as we get paid

that rules $ aid

from the dawn of time

our time

not yours

life’s no hors d’oeuvres

for you to eat.