Works of verse


A desperate and delightful attempt to invoke as many gods as necessary to create a good poem.

The Other Side of Lee

Trumpet: Weaving across the floor, Slipping out of reach Elusive, cunning, A fox outfoxing, hip with hot hips, She sizzles and twists Sax: C’mon baeeee-by! C’mon baby please! C’mon baby, c’mon baby dance with me! C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon! C’mon baby dance with me!   Piano: She: slip, slide, slither, glide. He: groove and…

Holy War

Amid a dry landscape of violence, “the taste of peace fills my mouth.”

A Bunch of Nonsense

I am a super hero! I am the lingerie loving,Plum dancing, Popcorn serving,Potato eating,Viggo Aspiring, Moviegoer, I am… The Last General of the forgotten creed, The laughing Grand Mage of forgetfulness, The Ranger of the play grounds, The Arch Duke of the melancholy collaborators, The Poet who talks to little hairy fat naked Fay…                 They…