“I’m looking for a book,” said the man

to the thin, yawning librarian. “Baryogenesis.”

And added, “It’s great for light reading,”

Stressing on light.


The librarian pointed impassively to the catalog,

Just as she did when that girl asked for a Mills and Boon.

But she had understood the girl’s enthusiasm…

Common ground.


He walked past the shelf with the glossy film magazines,

half-dressed glamour dolls and gossipy news

flashing from the covers. And did not turn his face towards them;

he knew everyone else did.


Perhaps someone noticed it.

The man in the nearest chair looked through him

and doodled in his notebook.


He found the book, “Baryogenesis,”

Chose a chair in an unoccupied corner,

Laid the book reverently on the table

And settled down to some “light” reading,


Turning the pages of a film magazine.