Graffiti River Boy

The caddy stowaway

And no one knew your name

The sandy foldaway

A kiss of dewdrop swing

Jazz-rataz and glitz of fame

Dummy up or be wasted

Raz-bataz and let that brass play

Until the blues turn faded


Reserved and not disturbed

A cigarette chews your silhouette

Piano percussion soul to fold

And trombones to play grass roulette

Fumble da raz, I wish you’d spoken

Dance, cat, dance

Fritz la blitz, we were holding

Trance, man, fence


The lost river boy

And no one knew your name

Bayou fever toy

Have a mosquito Christmas

Dame the game to ambiance

You were so alone, there

Lame and drab to conceive

Lost but always found, there


To the graffiti stowaway

I always knew your name

To the rickety river boy

Your beat was stronger than your fame

You’re alone now, so smoke on the water

The humidity will steal away the pain

You can’t get tired now, so walk on further

It wouldn’t be worth it without the pain

And the jazz man slipped again

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