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The metaphor of drowning is used to explore a loved one’s secrecy.


An unnoticed person’s reflection on what kind of a moment is “enough.”

The Other Side of Lee

Trumpet: Weaving across the floor, Slipping out of reach Elusive, cunning, A fox outfoxing, hip with hot hips, She sizzles and twists Sax: C’mon baeeee-by! C’mon baby please! C’mon baby, c’mon baby dance with me! C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon! C’mon baby dance with me!   Piano: She: slip, slide, slither, glide. He: groove and…


A Spanish poem (with its English translation) about jealousy and longing, by teenage writer Katherine Sycamore.


“There must be more to life— | Graffiti on the walls | Announcing that he loves her.”

The Undreaming

Published just before her twentieth birthday, a prolific and gifted writer’s final contribution to this website. Of it, she writes, “This story takes place in old Nepal, during the Rana regime when the Rana family had control over the country and borrowed richly from the British Raj.”


The reader cannot help but feel the straining of her soul. A poem by teenage writer Sara Ibrahim.