Life of Birds

their eyes don’t need to pierce cloud

wings don’t have to be told to extend

see how they coax the wind into submission


watch them tumble in harnessed waves of sky

their silent agreement

in effortless flight


their grace lands with them

sinks into the earth as they struggle to walk


children chase them back into the clouds

watching their small bodies soar

wishing more than ever that they had been birds


the blades of their wings

scar the mountains, the hills

yet they flinch upon the movement


of the white blouse in the window

the young woman who holds a wineglass to her ear

and listens


for the husky whisper

of crows’ wings navigating the fog

but there are no branches here for them

no perch where they might curl their toes

where she could study the darting blues and purples

on their backs


where can they go to avoid setting foot

on the rocky ground

upon which they are destined to stumble


we pray

let there always be a gentle sea

an uplifting wind

a forest lush with lazy years


the gulls cry out

where can they go

the waves are churning


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