The rain pelts down,

staining her porcelain pale face.

The droplets land on her lashes

and fall into her wild, searching eyes.

She shakes her head,


cold rain sprays off her and

showers the dark pavement,

which almost shimmers with her reflection.


Then, off she goes again,

scouring the overpopulated town,

looking for his face.

The pounding of her feet and the

panting of her breath

are all that’s audible

to her.

A flash of blond on the sidewalk

disappears in a blur around the

street corner.

She rubs the unwanted rain out of her

burning eyes,

and begins running.


She flings herself around the corner

greeted only by umbrella-clad faces.

She slows to a walk in defeat

but continues on.

A glimpse of turquoise through a shop window,

only to be lost in the dizzying city ads.

A lanky body in a phone booth,

a boyish smile seen in a bus window,

seductive eyes everywhere.



drowning in the unforgiving rain,

she surrenders.

Falling onto her knees, she gives over to the

earthbound liquid,

letting it fall silently,

streaming down her face,

her tears remain clandestine.


As the rain slows to a misty sprinkle,

she looks up.

Hawaiian-Ocean–blue eyes gaze back,


A gasp of hope catches in her throat,

and a piece of glitter on her eyelid

can almost be seen as a twinkle in her

melancholy eye.

The vision looks straight at her,

smiles his devious smile,

and winks.


She gets up to join him,

wanting to clasp hands and follow him,

but he turns and begins walking.

She prepares to sprint when he

looks back and

their eyes lock.

Golden strands

fall into his deceitful face

before he turns and

walks away.

She knows this is the last time,

and waits for the rain to stop.

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