Midnight Waltzes

She arched her back and

swept her arms,

dancing like the shadows did.

She watched them prance upon the walls,

straying, stretching, bending free

She envied them in all their glory,

all their freedom set before her

Twisting by and twirling, swirling,

Waltzing to a midnight tune,

moved and swayed by subtle winds,

swept to where the light has fled

From the midnight moon they stemmed,

And cast the walls in darkened grace,

Elegance with every glide,

Silent darkness undisturbed,

’til signs of dawn begin to etch

their mark upon the midnight balls,

light bursting in upon the room,

mystery gone and all exposed,

glaring white—the empty walls,

midnight dancers banished now

her arms fall limply to her sides,

Freedom, beauty gone with night


This work received a Gold Award in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2002.

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