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Fresh thyme souls mingle with chives and serve

Sweat-gears spinning, basket weaving, stars overhead


Memorial War

faceless list of stark remembrance

etched into black stone

standing immortal,

contrasting the names of those

who realized too soon

they were not made for lasting

down the years.

Tomblines for cause!

for ponder…

in hope of a compassionate

defining of “in vain.”


The faint blue smog of a conglomerate sky


Another Victory is won for the Big Boss.

Clone voices of all shapes and

sizes rally hard for

the Senseless Slaughter.

Born of false pretense and

the great American Dream.

Complex Fruit

Men are like kiwi

Women are like pineapple

Thus the complexity of fruit


I knew a man once who was

so suffocated by his own skin that

one day he just started running and

never stopped but

he ran so fast that

when he finally stood for a moment to

catch his breath he was

back where he started.

gasping for air.


This work received a Gold Award in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2002.

Before Dawn

Somewhere on the other side of the world,

he acknowledges the waning stars

with a casual wave of a tired hand

through the only unbroken window on his street.

His focus now returns to the words scrawled

in jagged spiral patterns around his arm—

images from three-nineteen a.m.—born of

caffeine nerves and the muffled resonance

of a pained creature shrieking

inside his skull.

One Nothing

I peeled back the covers

left nothing and its sweet form

to last while I walked

with uncertainty

past knowing and not knowing

what I was to do

with one less.

You own everything


and don’t know what else

to do

but take it

until it stops being given

and soft skin

pushes back at you.


Forbid the thought

because nothing

is your savior today.

Your Last Winter

I fear the winter every day

and long for it to go away.

But all your fears are elsewhere now,

you’ll no more see the snow-tipped boughs

of trees that lost their yellow skin,

while you lost all but will to win.

I doubt that I could be so strong.

I couldn’t fight it for so long.

Yet fight you do, no sword to wield,

as you prepare for greener fields.

Where the leaves of trees are always bright.

Where it’s not too cold to sleep at night.

Your fears will soon be swept away,

but I’ll still be scared of winter days.

Pasado, Paradise, Passion


My garden whispering passion down the track in the comfort of





The heart is dreaming of paradise deliciously intense cookie

crumbs of

peanut butter.



A bad habit, like an endless burning passion,


The Telemarketer

Ring Ring


Hello, sir. May I have just five minutes of your time


Thank you very much


He hung up the phone and felt a little bit older